Even the retailers that were in malls before are seeing that they can sell online. Unsubscribe anytime or, Sign up for our free email newsletter so you’re always in the know. Along with this, it’s closing 350 stores worldwide this year, and ceasing operations in 40 countries, including Canada. Pier 1 - After already closing 30 stores they're looking to close … Bath & Body Works - 24 locations primarily in the U.S. will be closing for good. Downtown Winnipeg Bay store to close. The list of store closings is already very long and may be much longer by the end of the year. Chico’s FAS, the parent … No part of any of the content of this website may be reproduced, distributed, modified, framed, cached, adapted or linked to, or made available in any form by any photographic, electronic, digital, mechanical, photostat, microfilm, xerography or other means, or incorporated into or used in any information storage and retrieval system, electronic or mechanical, without the prior written permission of Retail Insider Media Ltd. or the applicable third party copyright owner. Number of store closings: 154. The states hit the hardest include Texas (29), North Carolina (17), and Arkansas (11). For those that were caught with outdated business models, weak balance sheets, less than exciting brands, short-term investors or near-sighted landlords the holiday will be their swan song,” said Bruce Winder, author of RETAIL Before, During & After COVID-19 and President of Bruce Winder Retail. CBC News Manitoba . The brand helped create the “fast fashion” trend, but it wasn’t enough. Here are the stores Lowe’s is closing in Canada in the new year. There will be many late packages though, arriving after December 25 as delivery capacity will be no match for online demand, he added. Here's the list of the first 63 stores to shutter. Hudson’s Bay announced it will close the operation in February 2021. Gap will close up to 230 stores. For many, the day of reckoning could come following the holiday season. But this does not … Mario Toneguzzi, based in Calgary, has more than 40 years experience as a daily newspaper writer, columnist, and editor. Jan 15, 2015 5:27 PM. Victoria's Secret is closing 250 stores in shopping centers, malls and other locations in the U.S. and Canada.