Enhancing the studies in this field allows promoting more detailed technical evaluation to build a suitable simulation tool. An existing mass-balance model of a beet sugar factory has been extended with energy balances, recycles and variable cycle times for batch units. Skills learned. COMESA safe guards may soon be lifted on the sugar industry. The electrical power output would then be about 183 MWe during the on-crop season. The engineers are actually the backbone of this place and are the reason behind the plant’s good performance. So for one, the engineers themselves need to show that they can actually contribute, in other words, manufacture things locally. This is equivalent to a thermal power of 767 MWt. The role of exports in the sugar industry has also been discussed. My role as an internee. Improving the use of fuel i.e. The factory employs two types of engineers mainly, mechanical engineers, and electrical engineers. Good yields of ethylene may also be obtained if the gasoline (‘petrol’) fraction from primary distillation of oil is ‘cracked’. The results of the simulation tool are the Brix curve (soluble solids content in the liquid leaving each stage of a diffuser) and the Brix profile within the bed. As I sit here, I am not saying that there isn’t anything more to do in terms of the efficiency of the process. In sugarcane industry, sugar extraction is a critical step since all the succeeding stages of ethanol, sugar and electricity productions are directly dependent on this process. Take a look at some of the latest mechanical engineering innovations that aim to make our lives easier. In reality, it is necessary to superheat the steam to improve the power plant efficiency and to set an optimal boiler operating pressure. A number of patents require that the carbon monoxide content be less than 0.02%. The Zimbabwean sugar industry produces about 4.7 million tones of sugar can, which is milled at the two sugar plants, Triangle Sugar Limited and Hippo Valley Estates. The cost of production of sugar is higher in UP than other states in India. However, in 1997 Mumias introduced diffusion technology that is a more efficient way of extracting juice or sucrose from cane. Therefore, that is why this country tends to be a high sugar cost country. With a well-balanced and well-designed factory, an excess of bagasse also remains (or of steam) which may be used for other purposes like supply of electrical energy to the regional network. I have in excess of 20 years of engineering and project management experience in the sugar industry in Southern Africa. It is perhaps the most diverse of engineering disciplines. Carlos E. Quevedo Ph.D., Jan Jasiewicz Dr. I have worked on numerous sugar projects including . For economic and environmental reasons, however, there is a constant need for reconstruction of sugar factories - mostly to increase the production rate and reduce energy waste and emissions. Volatility and competitiveness have increased in the mechanical engineering sector due to globalization and the international integration of markets. To keep your operations and acquire technical talent you must recruit a lot. The other issue obviously is cane production. Graduates of mechanical engineering can essentially get the best jobs that deal about ventilation automotive air conditioning manufacturing heating and design. Extraction of humic acids from low rank coals are used in agricultural waste water treatment and other applications. The Brazilian sugar industry is almost as old as the country itself. The cement industry consumes around the world 4% of global coal production, around 330 Mt/a [15]. Sometimes unexpected decisions and actions have to be taken spontaneously on construction site. This represents a heat energy share of 3833 KJ/kg from bagasse. Considered the broadest engineering discipline, mechanical engineers work in engineering services, research facilities, manufacturing industries, and the federal government. Cost of production is the problem. Last year the sugar sector experienced several challenges even leading to the government allowing sugar importation. You will be issued with a code that you can use to delete your listing when you no longer wish it to be displayed on the sugartech website. The model was then extended with hybrid Batch-MPC in order to optimize the energy management system. Electronics Industry Computers and small electronic products such as smartphones have become ubiquitous in modern life. When supplies of natural or petroleum gas are available the monomer is produced in high yield by high-temperature cracking of ethane and propane. Kenya Engineer. Salary Range: C$69,000 – C$120,000 for “Mechanical Engineers” working in medical devices (in Canada), with C$92,000 being the mean. Industrial Engineering Roles In Industry Prepared by the IIE-IAB (Institute of Industrial Engineers – Industry Advisory Board) 2 What Do IEs Do? As part of the clean … The two plants have a maximum potential milling capacity of 1200 tonnes of sugarcane per hour. The earliest experiments utilizing cane ethanol date from that period. This is a major issue and it slows down the growth of engineers and even the growth of those entrepreneurs who like to build up their business. Assuming that the total energy loss from the net calorific value in the process of 10% (Mugadhi 1999, Murefu 2001) the heat energy converted to steam is 3450 KJ/kg. Efficiency, quality and speed are important to all manufacturers. I think we need to reduce the cost of power fast, looking at a country like ours compared to industrialised countries like Germany, you see that the cost of power in Germany is probably less than half the cost of power in this country. The sugar withdrawal in this process may be represented, essentially, by two mass transfer mechanisms occurring at the same time (Rein, 2013). View all blog posts under Articles | View all blog posts under Environmental Engineering. Answer the Question Answering this question will grant you 20 points. If you are not interested in your course then need not to worry. All Rights Reserved. As we speak now we are beginning to struggle getting qualified or skilled labour for those positions like technicians and below. Examining the Role of Security Operations Centres (SOCs) in the Age... Ericsson completes the acquisition of Cradlepoint. The industry is buzzing over the Internet of Things (IoT). If you are interested in recent engineering challenges, learn more about them in our recent challenges section. Kenya Engineer has been in publication since 1972. Like oil, water is also now viewed through the prism of scarcity. There are many areas where he (Mech Engineer) can support in any of the industries. By green cane harvesting, we mean that the burning process is eliminated allowing for the full utilization of the cane biomass material. What kinds of engineers do you have? Sugars are also used to counter acidic and bitter tastes, e.g. So for me the market is there, what we need to work on is the cost of the production, to be able to be competitive so that when people start bringing sugar from aboard we can compete with them price wise. I would suggest you to complete B Tech in mechanical engineering. This high cost of power needed by the companies naturally drive companies away from Kenya. Based on their output capacity, it has been empirically estimated that the bagasse resources in Zimbabwe would yield at least 210 MWe. A mechanical engineer should have particular hard skills , including a solid understanding of industry standards and excellent computer skills, because much time is spent designing, simulating, and testing. Here, we have restricted the role of civil engineer up to house construction only. This emphasises the fact that although polyethylene manufacture is a large outlet for ethylene the latter is widely used for other purposes. Alternate Title: Design, Product, or Equipment Engineer. Industrial Engineering Roles In Industry Prepared by the IIE-IAB (Institute of Industrial Engineers – Industry Advisory Board) 2 What Do IEs Do? Experiences in Mauritius have shown that boilers operating at 82 bars and 525 °C are feasible fired by bagasse during the on-crop season and by coal during the off-crop season. Schedule of internship. These are the things that are going to have a big impact on how people grow, engineers included. Gulhan Ozbayoglu, in Comprehensive Energy Systems, 2018. In this video I have explain about the future and career of mechanical engineers in the field of Hydroelectric power plant. I am the Director of Factory Operations (D.F.O) at Mumias Sugar. Eng., in, Energy Developments: New Forms, Renewables, Conservation, Small and micro combined heat and power (CHP) systems for the food and beverage processing industries, Small and Micro Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Systems, An extended discussion of energy and water management in the, Modernizing Cane Production to Enhance the Biomass Base in Brazil, Oscar Braunbeck, ... Luís A.B. I wish to encourage the engineers that they should work hard and when they come from the universities implement what they learn from there. Role of Mechanical Engineers in Automobile Industry Mechanical engineering degree has a lot to offer for those who want to venture on professions where a lot of industries would need the services of mechanical engineers. J.A. White and brown crystalline sugars are used as sweeteners in home cooking and the food industry. We have to continuously improve, the sole purpose being reducing the cost of production. Mechanical engineering is one of the largest industrial sectors in the EU economy in terms of number of enterprises, employment, production, and the generation of added value. However, we have issues with automation where within two to three years we are told what we have has become obsolete. The cultivated area covered by sugarcane plantations reaches more than 5 million ha or 1.5 per cent of the total arable land in the country. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. URL: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/B9780444634283502423, URL: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/B9780080453125500406, URL: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/B978012804534300001X, URL: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/B9780080254074500466, URL: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/B9781845697952500167, URL: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/B9780080446615500076, URL: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1570794602801274, URL: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/B9780128095973003412, URL: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/B9780444634283503441, URL: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/B9780750641326500516, 26th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering, Victor C. Geraldo, ... Rubens M. Filho, in, Modelling Bagasse Electricity Generation: An Application to the Sugar Industry in Zimbabwe, Proceedings from the International Conference on Advances in Engineering and Technology, Jorge L. Donzelli, ... Natalia de Campos Trombeta, in, BIOMASS (BAGASSE) SAVINGS THROUGH ENERGY CONSERVATION IN SUGAR FACTORIES, Carlos E. Quevedo Ph.D., Jan Jasiewicz Dr. For full condensing, when operating during the off-crop season, a thermal efficiency of 37.57% is achievable. Running a factory like this one successfully depends on how well you manage the operations efficiently. Industry: Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering Africa’s cement and concrete suppliers meet continent’s growing demand with ease, EOI for Provision Of Manpower Supply Services In Turkana, Examining the Role of Security Operations Centres (SOCs) in the Age of Cybercrime, Wärtsilä shares key insights on how its storage technology will power the Fekola hybrid energy project in Mali, SMART FACTORY SYSTEM FOR REMOTE MONITORING AND CONTROL(WORKING FROM HOME DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC). The performance of a bagasse power plant with a condenser exhausting at 0.2 bar, 60 °C. Roles of Mechanical Engineer in Terms of Design and Infrastructure System design, infrastructure provision and engineering enterprise management, are main concern of mechanical engineers, as making decision is an act that is performed throughout the life-cycle of the infrastructure, enterprise, process or product. (MKF 6) Manufacturing Engineering Society International Conference 2017, MESIC 2017, 28-30 June 2017, Vigo (Pontevedra), Spain The challenge of integrating Industry 4.0 in the degree of Mechanical Engineering S. Suárez Fernández-Mirandaa, M. Marcosb, M.E. The industry is characterised by old factories and inefficiency, they have massive debts, and there is rampant cane poaching amongst the different players. There is even production of ethanol, an ecology friendly and renewable energy for blending with petrol. Our engineers do many innovative things in this place, you will realise that running a factory like this in the countryside, away from major support is difficult. After getting a diploma, they would be employed afterwards, and maybe would get into university later, but those options are now very few, unfortunately for Kenya. First, let’s get one assumption out of the way, just in case it … In those alternative equipments, a stage-base extraction is performed by the percolation of water through a moving-bed of shredded cane. Moreover, new technologies such as 3D printing are expected to have a transformative effect on this sector. (According to Payscale.com) Work Schedule: Project-based. Brazil has strong research and breeding programs on the development of new sugarcane varieties. However, environmental laws are being issued restricting cane burning, especially near urban areas, which is paving the way for green cane harvesting practices. Coal is used in cement industry to burn raw material to clinkering temperature, i.e., 1450°C. Indian Sugar Industry generates power for its own requirement and even gets surplus power for export to the grid based on byproduct bagasse. Bearing all these in mind, in this project a simulator of a moving-bed diffuser was developed to be used in any typical computer facility of sugar cane industrial units for ethanol, sugar e electricity production. (Mbohwa 2003) This at 30% bagasse on cane provides 360 tonnes of bagasse per hour, which when burnt in boilers provides 2 760 GJ of energy per hour. What would you tell other engineers especially the up and coming ones? Conversion to a more efficient layout of sugar processing plants and new plant design, with modern standards of efficiency, should be considered in the future. Critical reviews of the problems facing the development of technology were discussed as … Different Roles, Different Names. Analysis indicates that introduction of bagasse drying, improvements in steam utilization and boilers operation; could secure savings of 30 – 40%in bagasse (0.3 – 0.4 million ton per year), with simultaneous elimination of fuel oil firing. Sugar syrups are used in beverages or as a base for fruit sauces, toppings and flavoured syrups. In actuality, they are some companies that will be forced to be more efficient; in fact, most will be forced to be more efficient. HR Practices in Sugar IndustriesBy,JDBIMS 2. However, when considering aerospace engineering vs. mechanical engineering, keep in mind that the former is a relatively narrow fiel , focusing on airplanes and other aerospace-related machines. Apply to Mechanical Engineer, Quality Engineer, Senior Design Engineer and more! By use of Bagasse driers, boiler efficiency can be increased considerably on account of reduction of Bagasse moisture. In Mumias, I have gone through various training in mechanical and automation operations as well as sugar technology, which are what let to me getting to this position. If I talk about the industry as a whole, you will find that the technologies that are being used here are making things slightly more expensive. (1999), who used the term Batch-MPC. Hello, would you kindly give us a brief introduction of yourself My name is Engineer Josephat Asira. These are used to separate the sugar and the mother liquor from the crystalline suspension. It is noted that the percentage point increase in efficiency after a pressure of 80 bars is well below one and this suggests that it is better to size the boilers at that pressure. Do you like your experience on the Kenya Engineer Website? Coal provides around 90% of the energy consumed by cement plants around the world, despite the environmental harm caused by its combustion. But what about mechanical engineers? Ensures all mechanical engineering projects, initiatives, and processes are in conformance with organization's established policies and objectives. A mechanical process engineer plays an important role within the product development, design, and manufacturing processes in a company. Role of a civil engineer is vital for construction project. How can engineers solve the problems that are encountered in the industry and those in the country that include unemployment? Well i am nt going to list all roles and responsibilities here. Coal is used to make over 200 different products: Its destructive distillation (carbonization) produces hydrocarbon gases and coal tar, which is the chemical feedstock to make drugs, dyes, plastics, solvents, TNT, insecticides, fertilizers, artificial silk, food preservatives, ammonia, plastics, and fibers, such as rayon and nylon, medicines (aspirins), and numerous other organic chemicals like creosote oil, naphthalene, phenol, and benzene. Mechanical engineer - Designing Buildings Wiki - Share your construction industry knowledge. From the traditional cane sugar producer, it has moved to power producing, selling power to the grid, as well as ethanol production. So as far as I am concerned this industry is going to be here, looking at the market and looking at how it is supporting the locals it is something that is definitely going to be here for a long time. We analyze some of the difficulties and barriers that need to be addressed in favor of the adoption of such technologies. Many IT companies are there which recruit mechanical engineers. Mechanical Engineering Technology Graduates. Graduates will need a degree in a relevant subject such as chemical engineering, biochemical engineering or mechanical engineering. At one time ethylene for polymerisation was obtained largely from molasses, a by-product of the sugar industry. IT industry is expanding day by day. The cane-burning technique destroys nearly 25 to 30 per cent of the energy potential in the cane, which is a strong drawback seen from the perspective of the surplus energy that can be generated. Low efficiency in the steam boilers operations. Mechanical engineers provide technical leadership and support for manufacturers in the design and development of new solar products, components, and equipment. In fact, we are still working on improving effectiveness by looking at better machines and better equipments that can assist us in reducing cost of production. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. Mechanical Engineers work throughout all phases of product life cycle, including: design, development, installation, testing and maintenance. You will be issued with a code that you can use to delete your listing when you no longer wish it to be displayed on the sugartech website. The mechanical and plant engineering industry has been in the throes of a decline since 2018. The authors point out that in recent decades, the world output of sugar has tended to exceed the demand, causing a decrease in investments in new sugar factories. in tomato sauces, mayonnaise or in medical syrups. Role of Mechanical Engineers in Automobile Industry Mechanical engineering degree has a lot to offer for those who want to venture on professions where a lot of industries would need the services of mechanical engineers. The model has also been validated with data from last year’s campaign. The surplus in bagasse could be used as fuel, as raw material for paper, fiberboard and/or feedstock for chemical processing. Kenya secures Ksh.14 billion loan from the French government to construct... EPRA appoints Mr. Daniel Kiptoo Bargoria as the acting Director General... M-PESA Foundation installs a Ksh.15 Million solar-powered water pump at Nyalani... Ksh4.5 billion Makupa bridge project commissioned by the president, KEBS launches Welders Certification Scheme in Kenya. Continuous operation of the sugar plants. We focus particularly on the technological barriers, showing how productivity of sugarcane production systems can be improved, while also helping improve the overall economy of this industry. The industry is propped by the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) safe guards without which competition would knock it out. Table 5 represents the situation during the off-crop season, when the steam extraction ports are closed and the saturated steam is condensed completely in the turbine. No longer designing pyramids for pharaohs, in an industrial setting their responsibilities might include the planning and design of mechanical systems and processes, conveyorized and automated material handling and product transfer systems. These engineers will play key roles in improving the range and performance of hybrid and electric cars. If you want to compare milling and diffusion in this country, with mills their highest extraction percentage is about 92%, but with diffusion technology we can go above 95% towards 96% extraction efficiency. It is used as raw materials for the production of carbon electrodes for aluminum industry. Specific energy consumption, by sugar manufacture in the two traditional plants, in Ecuador, in 1979; were high (6000 – 7000 Kcal/Kg sugar). Today the bulk of ethylene is obtained from petroleum sources. However, employment … Roles of Mechanical Engineer in Terms of Design and Infrastructure System design, infrastructure provision and engineering enterprise management, are main concern of mechanical engineers, as making decision is an act that is performed throughout the life-cycle of the infrastructure, enterprise, process or product. Engineers need to change the notion that they have to be employed. dawning the role of the mechanical engineer. Our process right from cane harvest all the way up to sugar production is efficient but speaking as an engineer there is still a lot of room for improvement. (Mbohwa 2003) This would be made up of 3 boilers and 3 turbo-alternators of 35 MW each at each of the two sugar factories. Victor C. Geraldo, ... Rubens M. Filho, in Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, 2016. The existence of a reliable mathematical model would be an important, useful tool to assist professionals in the project of new moving-bed diffusers and in the optimization of operational paths of existing equipments as observed in early seventies (Rein, 1972). About the Industry; Competencies; Resources; FAQ; Back to Solar Career Map; Materials Scientist; Environmental Engineer ; Mechanical Engineer. Besides, the price of power, there is also the cost of infrastructure, which makes manufacturing cost high. I would add that for Mumias this might not be a major issue because of the technological advances we have been able to implement here and the level of automation that lowers our cost of production. The ethanol industry provides fuel for approximately four million cars driven exclusively with ethanol and approximately 24 per cent of the fuel being used in the rest of the country's car fleet. - Factors influencing the high fuel consumption, in the sugar industry are the following: Excessive use of steam, by sugar processing plants. Mechanical engineering is an engineering branch that combines engineering physics and mathematics principles with materials science to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems. Relying on a strong sugar industry willing to diversify its production, South Africa is currently assessing the options to produce bioenergy from the sugarcane residues. MEP Engineer is a professional classification responsible for planning and design in the area of Mechanical, Electrical and plumbing (MEP) system including developing policies standard, inspection procedure and evaluation tools for MEP matters along with prepare, review drawing, specification and cost estimates for the mechanical, Electrical, and … Cortez, in Bioenergy - Realizing the Potential, 2005. In this work, the interactions between both batch and continuous units play a role, hence an adapted version of MPC is proposed, the so-called hybrid Batch-MPC. We need to allow our engineers to express their innovations, test their innovations in our plants so that we can also have local solutions other than always depending on outside support. What is going to happen is that we will probably begin to employ graduates into technician level work and again this may or may not be good for them. Just imagine how awful the world would be if: Many companies seek candidates who have experience in the engineering field, voluntary included! Mechanical is an evergreen branch. The bagasse power plants output in Zimbabwe can be maximized for a given amount of heat energy that can be transferred from bagasse to steam. The most expensive, will be the bagasse drying installation, whose payback time, using boiler stackgases as a drying medium, will not exceed 3,5 years. Florent Delval, ... Nilay Shah, in Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, 2016. Using model-based optimization, one is able to predict a regular sugar quality and one can handle the large amount of energy involved. A factory example has been provided with processing capacity of 4800 t beet per day. Nowadays the existence of such mathematical model is even more necessary thanks to the costs of energy and process sustainability. Charles Mbohwa, in Proceedings from the International Conference on Advances in Engineering and Technology, 2006. Table 6:. An extended discussion of energy and water management in the sugar industry was provided by Urbaniec and Klemeš (2008). P.S. Ready-to-use commercial platforms could be considered, but high price licenses would be a key bottleneck limiting the availability of the simulator. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Description of tools and techniques learned. Among the industries using coal, the largest consumers are chemical manufacturers, cement industry, sugar industry, users of stone, clay and glass, paper mills, primary metal industries, pharmaceutical and the food industries. Therefore, the engineers who work in a plant like this one are constantly innovative not only due to the distance between the potential support and us but also because of the frequency of change in technology. See Table 7. Table 4 presents the results of a bagasse power plant that consists of a boiler set at various pressures between 10 bars and 200 bars, while exhausting steam for sugar processing during the on-crop season. Mechanical Engineering Roles and Responsibilities in Oil and Gas. Mechanical engineers play lots of role of such life circle decision … Chemical engineers often work in multi-disciplinary teams with mechanical, electrical and other types of engineer as projects benefit from different perspectives and areas of expertise. How do these engineers contribute to the smooth running of the plant, and are there innovative activities they are involved in? Table 7:. There are new entrants into the market however; Mumias produces the bulk of Kenya’s sugar. There are routes into this career for both graduates and school leavers.
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